About Me

Hello, I am Joe Cunningham.

I have been a game and 3D designer since I started teaching myself how to use the Unreal Development Kit back in 2010. I started with UDK learning level development, then moved into 3D modeling. Shortly after that I fell in love with 3D printing and have been making 3D printed pieces ever since, even opening a mildly successful shop on Etsy. But my real passion will always be in game design.

In April, 2016 I decided to follow an opportunity to move to the Philippines and work with a friend, Brian Korsedal, trying to get his startup going, Digital Permaculture. While I was there I spent 10 weeks developing my first fully released game, Alien Blitzkrieg on Android, by myself. Since coming back to the states I have been working with friends and small studios making art assets to finish small games and developing prototype projects on the HTC Vive.

I don’t consider Alien Blitzkrieg a great game, but I put myself on a very strict deadline to get something done, fully functional, stable and released, and have at least a few hours of game play. So please understand it’s limitations if you decide to try it. That being said, I enjoy it. It is currently only available on Google Play.

I am proficient in;

Unreal Engine
Substance Designer
3D Coat
3D Studio
World Machine

And I have experience in;

Substance Painter
Adobe Premiere